It all began in 2011 when we self- finance to produce an interactive movie PC (coded in C #) : Mark.T.Ross -A private in Paris .

 But what is an interactive movie? This is an adventure game mixed with an interactive movie . Investigate clues , interrogate suspects , solve puzzles , each choice will create a unique story .

So in our game , you play as an American private detective, Mark.T.Ross , which accepts the mission to recover the kidnapped child of a wealthy and mysterious businessman …

For us, this is the perfect opportunity to combine our visual expertise and passion for video game .

After 12 months of production ( provided at the base in 6 months) , numerous delays due to programmer (6 month delay in programming ) which however was paid , and pay 6000 euros for ourselves , we have a first version of the game . We are moderately satisfied with the work provided by the programmer for several annoying bugs remain, but the game is playable.

 To get feedback from players we decide to send a few specialized sites and blogs that speak to the game and interested players from around the world. The first returns are quite good . People love the concept .

We take our chances and offer Big Fish Game to test the game for sale on their platform . They make us very quickly a very detailed return . In summary : – They also love the concept, but they want there are many more mini -games, graphic rework … and put more support for players.

But after several requests for improvements not done by the programmer, we have decided to separate from him.

 In the end, we sold a little over 200 games without actually advertising but unfortunately we owed ​​pay as much for display bugs that made the game unplayable for some.

Today ?

We believe in the potential of our concept of interactive film. We would like to find a programmer who can recode the game and add improvements and also to develop tablet computers and smartphones.

For us it is not a mere pastime on our free time , we have a vision for the long – term ones why we want to create our own studio in order to realize and develop interactive movies more professional and all platforms.

But for this we need funding why we create a crowdfunding project .

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